Living In Central Oregon

2 Money Saving Apps

There are a few apps that I use on my phone that are pretty cool and really help me save money.

  1. Digit: This is a really cool app that you hook up to your bank account. (It is safe) Basically, it rounds up all your purchases to an even number, the remainder gets deposited into their account. So if you had a purchase for $1.50, $.50 cents would be deposited from your bank account into your Digit account. Its like a “rainy” day savings account. They have the “rainy” day fund and you can hook up a credit card to pay off and it will do that every month for you, with the money that builds up in your account.

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2.  Fetch Rewards: This is a pretty cool site as well. You take a photo of all your      grocery receipts and you get rewarded points. You can turn these points into gift cards. Image result for fetch rewards