Living In Central Oregon

Crazy Weather

So it’s now July 1st, and usually it’s pretty warm and sunny, but this week it keeps raining. There is a saying here in Central Oregon, “if you don’t like the weather, wait 10 minutes and it will change”. It is no joke like that. Last week we had sunshine, rain, thunder, lightening, hail, more rain then sunshine all within an hour or so! It’s nuts. I make sure in my trunk of my car, I have a little bit of everything like jackets, blankets, sandals, sunscreen,etc! Lol

Anyways, yesterday was sunny, warm and nice pretty much all day. Then around 730pmish, the clouds start to build and we get lightening and rain.

Around 830pmish, I took this picture. The sunset was so beautiful!

Living In Central Oregon

2 Money Saving Apps

There are a few apps that I use on my phone that are pretty cool and really help me save money.

  1. Digit: This is a really cool app that you hook up to your bank account. (It is safe) Basically, it rounds up all your purchases to an even number, the remainder gets deposited into their account. So if you had a purchase for $1.50, $.50 cents would be deposited from your bank account into your Digit account. Its like a “rainy” day savings account. They have the “rainy” day fund and you can hook up a credit card to pay off and it will do that every month for you, with the money that builds up in your account.

Image result for digit   

2.  Fetch Rewards: This is a pretty cool site as well. You take a photo of all your      grocery receipts and you get rewarded points. You can turn these points into gift cards. Image result for fetch rewards

Living In Central Oregon

2 Ways to Make Money Over Time

So, everyday I am looking for ways to make more money and I have found 2 very different ways to do that. Everything that I am putting on my blog are things that I am actually doing or have done. Nothing on here will ever be fake or lies or anything like that. I am a real person looking for a real experience. I am ultimately trying to find something I love, so it wont feel like work. But until I find that, I need to be able to survive.

So, here is what I have started doing…

  1. Bitcoin: I actually have had an account with Bitcoin since 2014, but never really did anything with it. Bitcoin is what is known as “Crytocurrency, which basically is an electronic currency. I know as the years have gone by, there is more and more things you can do with Bitcoin. I know it is bigger in other countries than our own and nowadays, you can buy a lot more with it. When I started with Bitcoin back in 2014, it was only worth a couple hundred dollars. I think I invested like $50 at time. At the beginning of this year, it was worth about $3,500. Today, it is worth almost $12,000. So since the beginning of the year, I have invested about $40 in it and now I have about $200. I don’t have a lot to invest to begin with, but the little I have done, it seems to keep increasing. (This site is CoinBase, that is the one I use, but there are several others)Image result for coinbase
  2. Stash: Many years ago, I played the stock market and never really did anything with it. But I found this app called Stash and you buy into different stocks like Amazon, Netflix, Costco, Walmart, Starbucks, etc. I do the minimum which is $5 a week or every other week. And I look this like a “rainy day” fund really. You can set up a retirement account with them as well. Again, Im sure if I invest a lot more money, I would be getting more bang for my buck. But this is all I can do, and in a couple of years, I will have a little extra money when I need it.Image result for stash
Living In Central Oregon

New Garden

I am new to gardening. I have always had a “black” thumb. I have even killed cactus because I overwatered everything.

This year, I finally have a backyard that has enough room for a little garden. Originally, I planted carrots, cucumbers, radishes, onions, green peppers, and potatoes. So far with the few frost spells we have had in Central Oregon so far this year, all that is left are the potatoes. But they are actually growing!! So excited!!

Living In Central Oregon

Side Jobs

So currently I have a full time job, which isn’t cutting it financially. So I have started a few new endeavors.

Image result for instacart

My aunt down in SoCal has been doing Instacart now for the last year and suggested I do it to get some extra money.

So I decided to sign up and start it. Instacart is a little different from Door Dash, Postmates UberEats, etc. With Instacart, you go grocery shopping for people and then get it delivered to their homes. You get paid for milage, a percentage of the order and tips. So you can make some good money, IF you can get hours. With Instacart, you sign up and then you download their special shopper app and that is what you use all the time you are working. On this app, you will find an area where it says “Select Hours”, and that is where you can select your hours to work. You have to work 2 hours minimum and when you sign up, they give you “early access” to hours which means you get to pick your hours on Sunday mornings around 930am PST.

You then have 3 weeks to work a total of 90 weekday hours or 25 weekend hours to keep your “early access” hours. If you don’t hit those hours, you go back to regular hours which means you pick your hours every Wednesday at 930am PST.

So here is the kicker, if you live in a big city or state where there are multiple cities aka “zones”, then you will probably be able to get a lot of hours just like you want. If the hours run out, then you go to another “zone”that is pretty close by.

However, if you live in an area like me, where there is only 1 zone and the next one is 3 hours away, its extremely hard to get hours. And you can’t work, without picking hours.

So, when I was able to get hours, I loved this job because I could make anywhere from $30-$70 in a two hour time frame. But now that I am back to regular hours, I can’t get hours until Wednesdays and by that time all the hours are gone. 😦

So, until I am able to get more hours with Instacart, I have been doing Door Dash and Postmates.

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Image result for postmates

These types of delivery services do fast food delivery. I don’t make as much money with these per hour I work, but its something. I like how these apps work a lot better than Instacart because you can literally work whenever you want for however long you want to work. It could be an hour or 6 hours or more. So I do a few deliveries then I turn it off and go home, usually after I get off of work from my other job.